Lutterworth Pilates & Therapy Centre

Meet the Team


Pilates Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist & Studio Owner.

Nikki has been running for many years and has completed Ultra Marathons, Marathons, Half Marathons, Kilomathons and Triathlons.

Following a running injury Nikki developed an interest in how the body is affected through postural imbalances, discovering how Pilates and Sports Massage can support the body through strengthening and re balancing weak areas and by loosening muscle tightness.

Nikki has a strong belief in the benefits of using exercise to overcome illness and specialises in Pilates instruction and exercise referral working with those affected by injury and people advised to take up exercise to prevent illness, such as lower back pain, Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Nikki has a wide and varied experience of working with individuals to achieve positive lifestyle change and has found combining Sports Massage with Pilates to be hugely beneficial for those coming to Pilates with back pain or joint mobility restrictions.

Nikki is REPS registered and qualified in Matt Based Pilates Instruction, Sports Massage Therapist, Level 4 Physical Activity & Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Lower Back Pain, Exercise Referral, Exercise for Cancer Rehab Specialist, Personal Training.

As well as working from the studio in the centre of Lutterworth, Nikki also has sessions at Husbands Bosworth and North Kilworth Village Halls.


Pilates Instructor

Lisa has taught or participated in a variety of fitness classes for over 25 years; starting her own step and aerobics class locally in 1997 – which is where she first met Nikki.

After attending Pilates classes and loving the benefits on the body, she decided to gain her mat Pilates teaching qualification in 2017

Lisa has lived in/around Lutterworth for over 30 years, where she met her husband and where they raise their daughter.

Lisa joined us in December last year and has proven popular with our customers.



yoga instructor

Debs curiosity about Yoga began in her teens (pre the digital age folks!) but despite attending a few classes it wasn’t until she fell off a horse and into Yoga over 20 years ago that the curiosity turned into passion. Debs developed a real love and appreciation for  how Yoga helped her return to health and get stronger, both physically and mentally.  Within 5 years of attending a range of classes and courses, Debs began her own teacher training with a range of different schools, starting with the British Wheel of Yoga and taking in a range of different styles and philosophies along the way.

Debs’ aim in every class is to respect the needs of each student while helping them expand their practice. Yoga is not just about making a cool shape. It’s about understanding your own body and it’s limitations and potential and so you’ll get the benefit of learning how best to use your body to minimize physical and mental stress and strain. As Debs is also teacher of meditation and stress management, every class should leave you feeling lighter, brighter and calmer.




Juliet has been working as a Physiotherapist for nearly 30 years, with experience in treating a wide range of conditions including sports injuries, spinal problems, and everyday aches and pains. She takes a very ‘hands on’ approach to treatment.

Treatment techniques include soft tissue mobilisation, trigger point release, acupuncture and ultrasound, to name but a few!

Juliet takes time to listen to her patients and works with them; rehabilitation is a partnership between therapist and patient.

She has lived in Lutterworth for 18 years and has 2 daughters who attend Lutterworth High School.

She has worked in Private Practice for the past 20 years and was also part of the Physio team at Rugby School for a number of years.


Sports Therapist

Having participated in many sports from a young age Elly always knew that she wanted to work within the health and fitness industry.  She completed her undergraduate degree in physical activity health and exercise science at Sheffield Hallam university and then took a year out to gain some additional qualifications. Elly completed her gym instructor and sports massage qualifications during this time and then applied for a Masters in Sports Therapy at Lincoln University.

Having completed an MSc Elly now works part time as a Sports Therapist within the sport of rugby and runs her own sports massage business in her spare time.

Elly loves the variety of working with high performance athletes in professional sport and then working with the general public to help ease any pain and get them back moving to the best of their ability!

Elly feels the most rewarding part of her job is rehabilitating people from their initial injury to their successful return to activity through a hands on approach and a thorough rehab plan.

Elly lives in Market Harborough and enjoys going to the gym, playing netball and going for long walks with her cockapoo Teddy!


Counsellor / PsychoTherapist

Cath has always been fascinated by the workings of the mind and why people react in the way that they do.  Why will one person get on with things when another will find excuses not too?  Cath volunteered with Barnardo’s Sure Start for 5 years, working with young adults who were carers for their parents and, often their siblings too. These young adults looked after parents with mental health issues, disabilities or addictions.  There where times when they did not go to school or did not have clean clothes to wear, as they were looking after their parents which resulted in them being bullied, branded as bad and lazy when in fact they should have been praised and supported. Yet, they felt ashamed.  Cath found that they often needed to talk, just someone to listen to them, to see them as they truly were and not as they were perceived to be. This compelled her to start training as a counsellor and psychotherapist in order to help people realise that it is ok to be themselves and understand their emotions.

Working in a multi-discipline practice in the heart of Leicester City Centre Cath has experience in working with abuse, anxiety, depression , low self-esteem and relationship problems.

Cath is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist and is an Individual Member of the BACP and fully GDPR compliant.