Nikki – Pilates & Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer & Centre Owner

Following a running injury, Nikki developed an interest in how the body is affected through postural imbalances. How Pilates and Physiotherapy can support the body through strengthening and re-balancing weak areas and by loosening muscle tightness.

After she started to teach classes, she received more and more referrals from physical therapists and discovered that through developing a fully supported team around the patient approach to treatment, customers were able to reduce chronic pain and were able to return to an active life.

Nikki set up Lutterworth Pilates & Therapy Centre to create a fully integrated support service. For issues such as chronic pain and support more delicate problems such as anxiety and mental health.

Between teaching classes, Nikki can be found at the centre working on the next centre development project and has recently set up working links with Vitality Health Insurance, BUPA,  AXA PPP and MEDILINK to support the centres Chronic Back Pain Management Programme.

Nikki has recently furthered her knowledge through training as a Reformer Pilates and Yoga Instructor

For Individual & Private Classes with Nikki please call 07827911146

Lisa – Pilates Instructor

Lisa has taught or participated in a variety of fitness classes for over 25 years; starting her step aerobics class locally in 1997 – which is where she first met Nikki.

After attending Pilates classes and loving the benefits on the body, she decided to gain her mat Pilates teaching qualification in 2017.

Lisa has recently furthered her knowledge through training as a Reformer Pilates Instructor

For Individual & Private Classes with Lisa please call 07884154211

Juliet – Physiotherapist

With nearly 30 years’ experience treating a wide range of conditions including the following, she takes a very ‘hands-on’ approach to treatment.

                    • Sports injuries
                    • Spinal problems
                    • Everyday aches and pains

Treatment techniques include soft tissue mobilisation, trigger point release, acupuncture and ultrasound, to name but a few!

For patients who are also attending Pilates or Yoga classes, Juliet works closely with our instructors to ensure that the patient’s rehabilitation is fully supported.

Beth – Sports Massage Therapist

Beth trained at the University of Worcester for 3 years gaining her degree in Sports Therapy.  After graduation Beth worked for Droitwich rugby club in which she provided pre and post match treatment as well as covering
their games providing first aid and trauma management throughout. 

Beth draws upon her experience providing injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation as well as sports massage throughout her treatment. 

Clare – Chinese Acupuncturist

Clare has found acupuncture hugely beneficial, physically, mentally and spiritually. As an acupuncturist Clare is excited and passionate about what is possible with acupuncture, both as a patient and as a practitioner.

Clare successfully completed a 3yr degree level course in Five Element Chinese Acupuncture in December 2020 and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

A typical course of Five Element Acupuncture may include:  moxibustion (warming herbs), Gus Sha a skin brushing/stroking therapy, massage techniques including Tui na and acu-pressure and where needles are not possible magnets and/or seeds maybe used.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is proven to help in many areas of healthcare from physical pain and mobility issues through to supporting emotional and mental well-being.

Contact Clare directly to learn more and to make an appointment on 07703 202 962 or email

Clare is based at the centre on Mondays.

Catherine – Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Cath has always been fascinated by the workings of the mind and why people react in the way that they do.  Why will one person get on with things when another will find excuses not too?  Cath volunteered with Barnardo’s Sure Start for five years, working with young adults who were carers for their parents and, often their siblings too. These young adults looked after parents with mental health issues, disabilities or addictions.  There were times when they did not go to school or did not have clean clothes to wear, as they were looking after their parents which resulted in them being bullied, branded as bad and lazy when in fact they should have been praised and supported. Yet, they felt ashamed.  Cath found that they often needed to talk, just someone to listen to them, to see them as they truly were and not as they were perceived to be. This compelled her to start training as a counsellor and psychotherapist to help people realise that it is ok to be themselves and understand their emotions.

Working in a multi-discipline practice in the heart of Leicester City Centre Cath has experience in working with abuse, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and relationship problems.

Cath is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist and is an Individual Member of the BACP and fully GDPR compliant.


KerrieCounsellor / Psychotherapist

I am a registered counsellor (psychotherapist) working in Leicester, Leicestershire. I am a member of the BACP (British Association For Counselling And Psychotherapy).
I started my career in counselling because I have a passion for supporting the wellbeing of others and believe anyone can benefit from a supportive and genuine relationship. I am confident in working with a variety of age groups over 14yrs,and beyond retirement from different cultures or ethnicities. I pride myself on working with the LGBTQIA+ and ethnically diverse communities. I appreciate the psychological well-being of people from other heritages. In order for me to support you with improvements in your life, I believe a counsellor needs to be authentic and genuine.


Naomi – Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Maybe you are finding life difficult, stressful or overwhelming. Perhaps it will be helpful to share your difficulties, concerns or experiences with someone who isn’t involved in your life. Helping you to make sense of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. 

I offer a safe, non-judgmental & confidential space, focusing on what you would like to bring to the sessions & what’s important to you. I have an integrative approach, that’s tailored to your needs & at your pace. Supporting you to find new ways of coping, uncover strengths and helping you to make positive changes. 

I am a fully qualified integrative Counsellor and psychotherapist. I am an individual member of the BACP.

Joanne – Counsellor / Psychotherapist

 I am a qualified  counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).I work within their ethical framework and receive regular clinical supervision.  I have been the client in the room so understand how nervous you may be, and know the growth that can occur through counselling.

By offering a safe, non-judgemental space the therapeutic relationship enables growth and change for the client.  My way of working reinforces this as the client works at their own pace and brings into the room what they chose.  I work in an integrative way, which permits me to work in a way that best suits each client. 

I have been a counsellor for a Women’s charity working with clients who have complex needs and have suffered from a range of issues including domestic and sexual abuse, trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety and for a charity for Male victims of rape and sexual abuse.