Juliet has been working as a Physiotherapist for nearly 30 years, with experience in treating a wide range of conditions including sports injuries, spinal problems, and everyday aches and pains. She takes a very ‘hands on’ approach to treatment.

Treatment techniques include soft tissue mobilisation, trigger point release, acupuncture and ultrasound, to name but a few!

Juliet takes time to listen to her patients and works with them; rehabilitation is a partnership between therapist and patient, she works closely with our instructors to ensure that patients attending classes to support their rehabilitaion are fully supported and can even be seen participating in our classes too.

Juliet runs the Chronic Back Pain Management Programme, a 12 week programme of combined Physiotherapy and Pilates for patients living with chronic back pain giving them a fully supported programe of care giving the patient the confidence to self manage their symptoms and improve their active daily living.

“I cannot recommend Juliet highly enough! I hobbled in to her therapy room with a back in spasm and walked away with almost no pain and I’ve improved further in the days that followed with continued practise of gentle stretches that she recommended to me. If anyone’s unsure about seeking physio help, book in with Juliet and her magic hands – her work is priceless.”


“After two physio sessions with Juliet I can say I have been pain free for a week, the longest spell in over a year. Juliet explains the cause of the problem and the remedy in a non technical way, after some massage and ultrasound I feel amazing.”

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