We have made it easy to book classes and physiotherapy sessions online. You can pay as you go for £8.00 a (Pilates and Yoga) class, or we offer Silver and Gold Membership options.

We want to make sure that you get the best value for money and rewards for attending regularly.

Gold Membership from £45 per month

Excellent value for money if you attend regular classes more than once a week as you could save 35% across the year and it gives you access to the full timetable plus the following discounts on our other services:

  • Any of our full calendar of classes*, giving you the flexibility to attend Yoga and Pilates classes around your schedule**
  • 10% Discount off Physiotherapy
  • 10% Discount off Deep Tissue Massage
  • 10% Discount off Counselling
  • 10% Discount off other Centre Services including Mindfulness and workshop

If you regularly attend two classes a week, you will save around £20 a month plus benefit from the discounts on our other services.

We also offer a joint membership for £80 per month as well as yearly payment options saving you even more money.

Silver Membership for £30 per month

This membership is ideal if you join us for one class a week as you could save 10% across the year. So no need for class passes and pre-booking, just chose your regular class pay monthly and just turn up! Simple

To purchase membership just press the subscribe button, decide if you want to pay annually or monthly and set up your details.

Membership Type

Please note membership is for a minimum 3 month subscription term.

* Pre booking required for all classes and services.

**Class bookings cannot be moved when under 4 hours notice is given.