Pilates, more than a Mat class

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Many people in the UK think that Pilates is about getting a flat stomach by doing Mat based exercises in a class right? or Is it something about  “core “ control? Is Pilates just for women?

Well yes to each response but theres a lot more to the Pilates Method than that.

Pilates is not all mat based, the Pilates studio has its own specialised equipment that many Pilates enthusiasts have never been introduced to.

Joseph Pilates a boxer and fitness enthusiast; invented the Pilates teaching method and designed the equipment used in Pilates studios around the world.  Exercise equipment  that you won’t see in the generic gym. Joe created and built the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Stability chair, designs that have been modified, yet still used today nearly 70 years later.

The repertoire created on the equipment can be modified for every individual whether injured, disabled, elderly, weekend warrior or elite sportsperson.

Initially Joe expected men to to be his target clients back in the 1930s . Men were his first participants when he was interned on the isle of man during the first world war where he ran  fitness classes .

Post war, he set up his New York “Contrology” studio below the New York Ballet company, hence the influences that gradually seeped into his work, Dancers visited him for rehabilitation from injury and subsequently started teaching Pilates exercises themselves.


Slalom canoeist and Olympic gold medallist Etienne Stott working with Jacky on the Pilates reformer

Studio Pilates sessions are monitored far more closely than a class, reference is always being made to create stability with correct muscle patterns and skeletal alignment.  Springs, bars  and pulleys create proprioception and opposition allowing clients to feel muscle connections and in turn creating stability,balance and alignment.

We live in a very sedentary world where sitting and slumping for multiple hours becomes the normal. Our expectations in the evenings and weekends are high as we tackle the park run or cycle challenge, dig the garden have a good spring clean or a day of walking the hills and for some, our bodies then start protesting.  Pilates studio work with good tuition will teach you how to stop poor postural habits robbing you of your fun and energy.

The studio workout will give you another dimension to Pilates work and will enhance the mat work after giving you a greater understanding of Joe Pilates intentions.  Once you can stabilise the pelvis; exercise challenges will keep advancing you though the repertoire , there is always a little bit more a body can get from each workout. .

If you are new to Pilates or a regular class participant and you haven’t already, treat yourself, give studio Pilates a try it will give you more understanding and enthusiasm for the method.

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