Who can benefit from Pilates?
The simple answer is everyone can benefit from taking part in a Pilates class. Do you sit at a desk all day and find yourself hunched over your computer? Or do you drive a lot for work or have a physically demanding job that puts a lot of strain on specific areas of your body?

Attending a regular Pilates class improves posture, strengthens core muscles and realigns the spine giving improved function and physical appearance.

Pilates is also a great way to support sports training. People who regularly train for a specific sport tend to have over-developed muscle groups and, consequently, under-utilised muscle groups too.

Through Pilates, you can build a healthy, injury-free body through controlled concentration of movement as well as developing the under-utilised muscles to enhance performance.

Join a class
We keep our classes small, so our customers will feel not only the benefit of the exercise. But also, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of our staff and fellow customers.

You can choose to attend any of the more than 20 Pilates classes we run a week at the Lutterworth Pilates Studio & Therapy Centre.

You must pre-book onto a class and fill in a medical questionnaire. This is so we can ensure we can support you with any areas of your body where you are feeling the strain.

You can email your completed form to us at lutterworthpilates@gmail.com

or bring it along to your first class. Download the form here.

You can book your next class online, or if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us directly.

Individual classes
Alongside our timetabled classes we also offer private and small group Pilates classes for 1 – 4 People.

Sessions are tailored to you and work well if your new to Pilates or have specific conditions which need more significant support than in a class situation. For many of our one to one customer’s, we work in close contact with their Physiotherapist. So, we can give a complete customer centred service, with many progressing to attending regular full group classes.

If you would like to book a private Pilates session (or any other service) you can do so online. We also have gift cards available to purchase.

All bookings and purchases are subject to terms & conditions

See our timetable for the next available class