Lutterworth Pilates & Therapy Centre offers a team around the patient approach to ensure that our patients are fully supported throughout their treatment.  Offering combination therapies of Physiotherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Pilates and Yoga classes as well as Pelvic Health Physiotherapy & Womens Health Specialist, Counselling and Mindfulness we feel our centre enables the patient to develop the confidence to take control of their rehabilitation and recovery.

Working closely with our Physiotherapists and Massage Therapist our class instructors deliver high quality movement classes enabling the patient to build a healthy, injury free body through controlled concentration of movement.

Pilates focuses on building a healthy, injury free body through controlled concentration of movement. Working the muscles from the inside out, Pilates improves posture, strengthens core muscles and realigns the spine giving improved function and physical appearance.

Pilates is a great way to support sports training.  When training for specific sports, people tend to have over-developed muscle groups and, consequently, under-utilised muscle groups too. Through Pilates, these muscles can be developed so that they can enhance performance.  Our customers enjoy our small personal classes and not only feel the benefit from the exercise but also the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of our staff and fellow customers.

Lutterworth Pilates & Therapy Centre accepts exercise referrals and recommendations from medical professionals such as GP’s, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Therapists who understand how much Pilates can help with all sorts of physical conditions. This allows instructors to integrate Pilates exercise with rehabilitation and offer specific guidance to those recovering from injury or living with pain.


“I was quite nervous as I had been so disabled by the pain and had lived through so many unhelpful treatment experiences.   I need not have worried.  My Pilates instructor took the time and trouble to liaise with my physio to ensure a comprehensive understanding of my condition and rehabilitation regime.  She worked with me initially on a 1:1 basis which helped me improve my strength, balance, mobility and confidence and she closely monitored my progress. With her close attention and support I was able to reduce the frequency of physio appointments and, as my physio had envisaged, was able to start to take better control of managing my back issues.”




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