Chronic low back pain is a chronic or persistent pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment.

Most people get back to normal after pain following an injury or operation. But sometimes the pain carries on for longer or comes on without any history of an injury or operation.

Chronic low back pain is a very common condition in the UK with 4 out of 5 adults suffering from chronic lower back pain at some point during their lives.

When pain prevents you from being able to complete everyday tasks and even the simple task of getting out of bed is a challenge, let alone exercise.  Then something needs to be done.

We have found that an effective management option for patients suffering from chronic low back pain is a face to face Physiotherapy assessment and follow up treatments, together with a supervised exercise programme using trained Pilates instructors.

At Lutterworth Pilates and Therapy Centre through our combined Physiotherapy and Pilates package we are able give the patient the confidence to self manage their symptoms and improve their active daily living and reduce the need for repeated visits to their GP for follow up treatment.

Our Chronic Back Pain Management 6 week Programme consists of:

6 Physiotherapy Treatments with home exercise plan

6 Weekly one to one Pilates classes,

Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor will be working together to ensure you feel totally supported through your recovery

We accept NHS GP referrals from Masharani Practice Patients

To book on to the programme

please phone: 07411891452 / 07827911146


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This is what Sheila says about the programme:

“For 17 years I have been taking pain killers for my back pain,  needing to walk with a stick and eventually moving from one stick to two.  I would have to drive round the car park to get close to the shopping trolleys so I could push them to give me support whilst walking round the supermarket.  I felt I had to give up work a year early so I could do things with my husband as I was so concerned that my chronic back pain would result in me not being able to move at all.  I booked on to the chronic back pain management program.  Through this I began receiving Physiotherapy treatments, my back began to free up and I was able to stop my medication. Physiotherapy is far better than decades of taking pain killers!  Through the programme I also attended 1-2-1 Pilates instruction to get an understanding of how to do the Pilates exercises to support my back.  I learnt how to use my core muscles, I did not know I had any never mind they were supposed to be helping my back…  Learning these exercises to help my back instead of using pain killers is amazing and I am now able move without stick   It feels fantastic, I recently walked round an National Garden Scheme garden without any pain it was such a joy!  I have now progressed through the program and just like the first day at school I went along to my first Pilates class on a Thursday morning, what a fantastic group of women so kind and supportive. it’s an amazing feel good group.  I feel am more confident and able to do things I couldn’t manage before, even my sister says I look like I have lost weight! it’s because I am now standing up straight!!!
If you are suffering from chronic back pain I would highly recommend this programme it’s been life changing for me.”